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Safari Group HR is born from the passion for giving real value to People. We are based on being and doing different. We are flexible, authentic and proactive.

We achieve genuine connections because we are guided by our values, through them, we promote customized solutions, aligned with the strategy and culture of each organization.

With more than 1 million followers in our networks, we have achieved an impressive reach throughout LATAM, USA and EUROPE, opening doors to the rest of the world.

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Global IT Search and Recruitment

Our main service is to provide IT candidates for clients in LATAM, USA and Europe. Specialized in IT and remote jobs. We understand the search and go beyond the job description.

We work with all profiles, technologies and frameworks in the IT sector. Example: Web/Mobile Developers, Backend, Frontend, Data Engineer, Tech Lead, Project Manager, Product Manager, Software Engineer, Automation Testing, DevOps, and other profiles with technologies such as Java, Python, C, C++, .net, JavaScript, C, Solidity, Ruby, Golang, SQL, Android, iOS, React Native, Flutter and more.

We focus and get 100% involved in each client, reducing time and achieving great effectiveness. Always with professionalism and respect, we build bonds based on transparency and constant communication.

Personal and Team Development

The accelerated global changes require organizations permeable to constantly evolve, for this we provide objective advice and propose disruptive solutions oriented to effective HR management.

We work from the diagnosis of the current situation and we act based on what the organization wants to achieve.
We facilitate individual and team processes so that each person can develop his or her maximum potential, thus impacting the work teams.

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